We have the  tools, paint, and fun to make your pine cars!

Get started below!

Fill out the linked form below to get started!

You must provide your own scout approved block. We do not supply the wood/car kits.

Cut & To Go Paint Kits

$10.00 per car

Cut & paint in Workshop

$14.00 per car

Cut Only

$7.00 per car

How it works:

1. Fill out form and make appointment. Download, print and cut out templates here:


2. Trace desired template on car block(s), write your name on the bottom of the block. 

3. Bring wood blocks to The Sawdust Factory during your appointment.

4. Pick up your cut blocks and get creative!


•You may need to come back at a later time to pick up your cut car or to paint in workshop. 

•For group events traced blocks must be paid and dropped off prior to workshop day or pick-up.

•Please have an appointment, and fill out the form below! Thanks!