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Sawdust Factory Field Trips

and Group Projects

Our field trips fit completely within California state curriculum and are flexible enough to tie-in something from a recent school activity or lesson. 


We keep our field trips priced reasonably to promote access to what we believe is a one-of-a-kind great experience every student in our region should experience.

Create something awesome with your group!


Here, at The Sawdust Factory, we believe that every person, young and old, is creative at heart. 


And we want every student to have a chance to experience the fun and joy of woodcraft painting. 


The Sawdust Factory creates a unique, educational student experience where students will get the opportunity to see the inner workings of a family run and operated wood shop and craft workshop. 


visit the workshop

In our painting workshop, we’ll have fun experiencing first hand, the steps and creativity that take a project from raw wood to completed, painted masterpiece. We have a helpful team to guide students through each step of the way; from choosing parts, to customizing with sponge-painting and putting it all together. Each student will get to take home their completed project that same day! 


The Sawdust Factory field trip projects can be designed to suit a specific holiday or theme. 

Visit The Worksop

we can bring the workshop to your location

If coming to The Sawdust Factory is too difficult or you’re having a special event that you’d like us to be a part of, we can always bring the painting fun to you. We can paint in your classroom, multi-purpose room, library. We can travel to your location within about 20 miles of The Sawdust Factory. 
We provide:
•Table coverings
•Projects, paints, and brushes
We'll need:
•$200 On-Site Fee
•50 Project minimum

•Possibly a few parent volunteers
•Tables for painters and tables for our stations
•Access to electrical outlets

Please note: this is for daytime events.
Family Night Info Here
Bring Workshp

Projects & pricing

While just about any of our projects are great for events of any size here is the most popular collection and pricing. Get in touch with us for other project options and ideas.

Mini Room Sign • Pencil Cube • Three Pencil Holder • Picture Frame (4x6) • Notepad Holder • Cork Board • Mini Treat Box

All projects include choice of one shape. 

Additional shapes available on request to match a theme, holiday, event or group.  




Classic Projects 

10-20: $14.00 each 
21-30: $13.00 each 
31+: $12.00 each


Select Handprint Projects 

10-20: $15.00 each 
21-30: $14.00 each 
31+: $13.00 each


On-Site Fee: $200

(For events that take place outside of our workshop)

Handprint Upload

Additonal Field Trip

Learn in the Wood Shop!

During most field trips you and your students will have the opportunity to head over to our wood shop to learn a bit about how tiny seeds turn into giant trees. Then we’ll learn how those trees are processed into lumber to become the wood we use in our workshop. This includes information about tree growing regions, tree biology, and a brief description of the logistics and manufacturing tools used in lumber mills and manufacturing. 


We’ll also learn about and demonstrate the different industry standard tools and processes used in our wood shop that play an important role in creating the hand made woodcraft your students get to complete. 


This Lumber Workshop makes your field trip even more immersive, educational, and fit in with many school’s STEAM curriculum.


 This exclusive opportunity is available for free to all of our field trips!

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