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Mother's Day Field Trips

and Group Projects

Order Mother’s Day woodcraft kits to create with your group or class!

Projects can be made with your group in our workshop or purchased as Creative Kits To Go!

•We strongly recommend choosing one project for your entire group to make. 

•We can ship to schools anywhere in the U.S.A. 

3 Awesome ways to create with your group!


Here, at The Sawdust Factory, we believe that every person, young and old, is creative at heart. 


And we want every student to have a chance to experience the fun and joy of woodcraft painting. 


The Sawdust Factory creates a unique, educational student experience where students will get the opportunity to see the inner workings of a family run and operated wood shop and craft workshop. 


Handprint Mother's Day Projects

Make mom something handmade with your class's handprints for a gift she'll never forget! 

The handprint on each of these projects is a wood cut-out of each student's handprint. This makes the gift extra special and even more handmade!

Classic Mother's Day Projects

Affordable fun and creative gifts for your class or group to make for Mother's Day!

This collection of project kits is perfect for large groups that are looking for something special and handmade just for mom! 

Picture frame can be made with a variety of mom-approved shapes. 

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