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Stay-at-Home Easter Party!

It has been a few weeks since we all started staying home and we’re probably all starting to find a way to make every day special and a little bit different. And so, with Easter coming up this weekend, a holiday that’s usually filled with family lunches and egg hunts it can be a bit saddening to have to stay home. So here are a few fun activities that could make your Easter Sunday a little bit brighter!


Wake up Early and Get Ready! (ok not too early, it is a holiday after all!)

Getting dressed and ready for your day will set you up for success, and why not wear something silly. Have a rummage through that closet, and see if the whole family can’t find something silly to wear today! Neckties, bow ties, silly headbands and funny hair styles will all work!


Make breakfast!


Dye Some Eggs!

Maybe just a few eggs, we know your super market might be running low, but we learned recently you can totally use brown or white eggs. The brown eggs won’t be as bright but they turn out a bit more pastel-ish and earthy.

Fun tip: Draw on your eggs with a white crayon for easy to do designs!


Get Crafty!

Alright, with your eggs all done, keep the creativity going by getting started on your Easter Crafts from The Sawdust Factory! Don’t forget to send us pictures of your finished Creations!


Egg Hunt!

While those crafts are drying is the PERFECT time to have that Easter egg hunt around the house. Here’s two fun ideas that could make it even more fun and silly!

Clue Egg Trail Game

You’ll Need: A Grand Prize or a few grand prizes, small eggs, and good hiding spots

•Lead the egg hunters on a wild goose chase around the house as they find all the easter eggs. Hide the golden eggs and create a trail of clues inside the other smaller eggs that will eventually lead them to the golden grand prize. Make the clues as challenging or as easy as you want, you can even make picture clues!


Silly Eggs Game

Everyone should write silly things to do on strips of paper and put them in the eggs. Silly things like:

  • Pat your head and rub your tummy

  • Jump up and down 3 times on one foot

  • sing Twinkle Twinkle little star

  • Say your ABC’s backwards

  • Pretend to be a bunny

  • Pretend to be a chicken

  • Pat your head and rub your tummy

  • Talk in a silly voice for the next 5 minutes

  • Spin in a circle as many times as your age

  • Lift one foot up as high as you can

  • Play air guitar

  • Pretend to climb a ladder

  • Wink your left eye

  • Walk backwards

  • Pretend to be a blooming flower

Then when anyone finds one of the eggs they have to do whatever it says before they can keep hunting more easter eggs. This is sure to make you all crack up!


Send some Snail Mail!

Make it a Movie Night!

With no shortage of things to watch on all of our favorite streaming services, it can be SO hard to find a movie that everyone agrees on. While you’ve probably seen it already, our recommendation is totally, Disney’s Onward! It is such a fun movie and would be such a fun ending to your Stay at Home Easter party!

Have fun and Happy Easter from all of us at The Sawdust Factory! Dont forget to send us pictures of your Easter Crafts!!!

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