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What's a Birthday Party Like at The Sawdust Factory?!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Getting Started!

Planning a small birthday party for a little one can start out as a small task, and it can quickly grow into a big overwhelming job. At The Sawdust Factory, we like to help take a huge chunk of that work off your shoulders. We have a party space that makes a perfect venue. Parties can often get messy, and our place is built for that. We have staff to help your creative guests have a good time while in the workshop and even a party coordinator to assist with keeping things on schedule. Our specialties are having fun and being creative, so you can spend more of your time chatting with friends or even making a fun project for yourself.

Right from the start, we want you to know you and your guests are in good hands. You are welcome to arrive half an hour early to set your food and snacks up on the cake table and welcome your guests as they arrive.

In the Workshop!

Once all your guests have arrived, we can begin the creativity! Each painting guest will get their unpainted wood project and paint at their seats. We arrange the tables so that all of the painters sit together; we think it's nice for everyone to chat and see each other's creative work. Once their projects are painted, they can go to Station 2, Customizing. At the customizing station, our staff will help them sponge, detail, and speckle their projects. At station 3, we have blow dryers to dry their projects before heading to Station 4 to put it all together. At station 4 we have buttons, bows, markers, and wire to turn their painted wood parts into something extra special.

We will keep their projects safe at Station 4 and finish any final details behind the scenes while your guests continue the celebration. Then it's time for food if you are serving lunch or dinner, and then cake! We'll help get your Happy Birthday song started and then hand things over to you to serve cake for your friends and family.

It's Game Time!

Once everyone's tummies are full of sugar, we invite you to host birthday gift opening time at our giant oversized Birthday Bench. Once the wrapping paper is torn, and the ribbons untied, it is time to play a game. At The Sawdust Factory, our favorite party game is Pass the Paintbrush. It is a fun, creative twist on the classic Hot Potato. With each pass of the paintbrush, as the music plays, the guests will be instructed on different tasks to do with the paintbrush, such as "touch your shoulder, shoulder, knee, knee, then pass!" It definitely gets loud and fun! We'll play elimination style until just one painter is deemed the winner. Each guest will get a lollipop as they get out, so really you could say, everyone wins. The final winner will get a handmade woodcraft paint kit as a prize.

Creativity for all ages!

After the game, your guest will receive their finished project, and we will all gather under the Birthday Sign for a group photo. One of our favorite things about a party at The Sawdust Factory is that your guests get to leave with their masterpiece creation the same day as the party. When it’s time to leave, you'll only need to worry about grabbing your belongings, and we will take care of the rest of the clean up.

We hope you keep The Sawdust Factory in mind for your next celebration. We have hosted parties for children as young as one year old and adults well into the double digits. (We don’t make the adults play Pass the Paintbrush, but we certainly will if you’d like!)

Booking a party at The Sawdust Factory is really simple:

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