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5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday When You're in the Double Digits!

Add some sparkle to your year by celebrating your birthday!

Birthday parties have been a significant part of family traditions since the ancient Egyptians. That means just about everyone since practically forever has sung that little diddy, blown up far too many balloons, and given thoughtful presents. Ok, so those things might have come a little bit after the ancient Egyptians but, they're some of the best parts of birthday celebrations that we do today. In today's world, the little ones are usually on the receiving ends of all the birthday hullabaloo, but they shouldn't be the only lucky ones! We've come up with a list of 5 reasons why everyone should celebrate their birthday even when the candles are in the double digits.

1. You're Not Getting Any Younger!

Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, "Today is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again." That's right, the only moment you've got is right now, and you're still a spring chick, so you might as well celebrate how young you are, and leave thinking about how old you are to the other 364 days of the year.

2. Because you could not celebrate your birthday any other days of the year!

If today is not your birthday while you're reading this, and there's a good chance that it's not (about a 1/364 chance that it's your un-birthday to be precise unless it's a leap year), then you're already not celebrating your birthday today! You can do that any day, but on only one day of the year you can celebrate your birthday. Surely you can spend one day doing something you don't usually do!

3. You get to do something silly!

Ask a life coach, and they'll be quick to tell you the benefits of being a little silly. Being a little silly once in a while raises your endorphins, relieves stress, and improves your overall mental health. So right around your birthday you can totally throw normalcy to the wind and celebrate a bit. Let your hair down, and be a little silly with your friends and family. (Also, we totally just saved you an appointment with your life coach!

4. It's great family and friend time!

Ok, this is the most important and the most real reason on the list. When you have a birthday party, you get to invite all your favorite people and spend some quality time with them. People always think celebrating your birthday is a bit self-centered, but in reality, it's totally not! Sure, people are coming together to celebrate your next trip around the sun, but they're still coming together, and that is a beautiful thing!

5. Why not?!

If the previous four reasons aren't enough, then maybe there's just no convincing you, and to that, all I can say is just "Why not!?" Sometimes you don't need a good reason to do something! Go on, you know you want to, celebrate your birthday this year, even if you're in the double digits, I can't imagine you regretting it.

Alright! Start that group chat and get planning your next birthday party!

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