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Corona Virus Update

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Dear Sawdust Factory Friends, Customers, and Local Community,

As both a business and a member of the local community, we must address the Coronavirus—how can we not? Health and safety is of the utmost importance. These are distressing times, impacting us all—acknowledging that feels important.

With that, our workshop and website remain open for business during regular hours. We think finding moments of creativity and joy, experienced safely, will go a long long way with keeping us connected, centered and sane in a moment like this.

Our customers and our staff mean the world to us, we’re taking precautions like those below:

•We are a small family run business that does not have huge crowds of people at any time.

•We are regularly changing table covers, sanitizing chairs and surfaces including brushes.

•We have suspended the use of our aprons, so we encourage wearing clothes that can get a bit messy.

•We are opening up an additional handwashing station to keep hands clean and the community safe!

•We are limiting the amount of sign ups allowed for each time slot on our No-Workshop-Fee Days

Please remember your local small businesses like us and all of the others that make our community great.

Of course, we know you know this already but a friendly reminder from one community member to another: if you’re not feeling well for any reason, we ask that you remain in the comfort of your home—and our staff will do the same for you. Wash your hands, put your chin up, and thank you for your support!

We also have paint kits and unfinished pieces to take home and paint to keep you crafting!

Give us a call (909)946-0866 or email ( for take-home paint kits, painting times and any questions

Thanks so much,

Heidi & The Sawdust Factory Family

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